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  • All bodies are good bodies, regardless of height, weight, skin color, physical ability, gender, etc. The people who inhabit these bodies deserve your respect.
  • Fat does not equal unhealthy just as skinny does not equal healthy. You cannot assess a person’s “health level” by looking at them.
  • Health is not a moral imperative. One does not have to be healthy or be trying to get healthy to be worthy of respect. “Healthy” doesn’t have a clear-cut, precise definition and looks different for different people.
  • My body is not public property, and neither is yours. It is no one’s place to comment on your body, and it’s not your place to comment on anyone else’s. Body autonomy is important and necessary. Even if you think your comments are positive, a person’s body is none of your business. “You look great!” is fine. “Have you lost weight recently?” can be intrusive.
  • Your diet talk isn’t really something we care to discuss.
  • Societal beauty standards are ridiculous and restrictive. You don’t have to fit them to be beautiful, and (interestingly enough) you don’t owe beauty to anyone. Beauty is not the price you pay for being female.
  • Fat is not a bad word. Fat is a descriptor. Fat does not also secretly mean lazy, slothful, gluttonous, or any other negative things. It simply means fat. When we call ourselves fat, we are not putting ourselves down or fishing for reassurance. We are just describing ourselves.
  • Everyone deserves to feel as good as they can about their body. FA is not just for fat women; the ideas and tenets found in FA are useful for people of all sizes and genders.


  • SKINNY PEOPLE SUCK (They don’t.)
  • REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES (All people who are women are real women.)
  • EAT ALL THE JUNK FOOD ALL THE TIME. (I mean, you absolutely can if you want, but that’s not an FA position we’re trying to communicate.)
  • YOU’RE NOT FAT YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. (Because you can’t be both? The two are not mutually exclusive.)
  • People who aren’t fat should try to be fat. Fat is better than thin. (Promoting any body type as “correct” or “normal” over all other body types pretty much defeats the purpose.)
  • Fat and health are never related.
  • Fat people never have disordered eating habits.
  • All restrictive dietary styles (such as veg*anism or religious fasting) are harmful.
  • People who diet and/or lose weight are doing it AT US and deserve to be talked about negatively.
  • You shouldn’t pursue a healthy-for-you lifestyle. Don’t care about your health. (Every person’s body is their own to make decisions about. Body autonomy includes being responsible for your own food/exercise/health decisions and understanding that you are the one in charge of them. Anyone telling you that you must eat only what they deem healthful foods or that you shouldn’t care about your health in any way is in the wrong because they are not in control of your body.)

Written by Rebecca

August 5, 2011 at 12:06 pm

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